The thrill of the discovery

You’re not going to believe our day. We spent much of the day in a cave near Rivka Kidron and focused specifically on where we believe there could be a stash of artifacts from the Rivka area. We started working in some areas that for a long time have been closed off to the public as it’s believed some of the earliest residents of Rivka lived in these areas, specifically near a set of caves.

I made one of the earlier discoveries in Rivka Kidron and it was cool today because I found a … Pot! I know that might seem trivial to you, but it is likely from between 100 and 150 CE and was almost 100% intact.

Rivka is going to be a treasure trove for the work we’re doing!


I wish you could be with me.

I wish you could see and experience what I’m seeing. I wish there was a way I could bring you here. Beyond just pictures. Into Rivka, Kidron. To see the discoveries. To understand Rivka the way I have to date. To experience the Kidron Valley. Rivka is amazing.

A trip to the Holy Land is such an experience. I recommend it for anyone.

Rivka, Kidron is this tiny little town that holds so much promise. So much history. So much to understand. So much to see. I wish you could join me.

We’ve arrived in Israel!

Our team has arrived in Israel! We’re a little tired after 4 hours of delays on our trip, but we got up this morning and started a little tour of Jerusalem before we move on to Rivka, Kidron.

We’re soaking up living in the hotel for a day or two as we know tent living won’t be very glamorous. The IAA doesn’t want a big footprint for the dig, so we have to not bring too much with us to Rivka, Kidron. It is going to be SO AWESOME. I can’t believe I’m here. Ok, see you in a bit.