Some of My Favorite Things in Israel

At times, it’s challenging being out of our country. Events happen, some very saddening and though I have people here to talk to, it’s just not the same being away from my family. Being in Rivka has been a tremendous blessing, but it can be hard.

However, there are times where it’s been just plain fun. Israel is a beautiful country and though we’ve worked really hard, we’ve had a blast doing some of the fun things around the country. I’m a bit adventurous at times, so I’ve climbed an unsteady rockface a time too many. We’ve seen rocky beaches, tasted great food, and seen sights that I will remember for the rest of my life. Here’s some of the best:

Sea of Galilee. Retrace the steps of Jesus as he called disciples to him. It’s a beautiful site and one worth taking time to see.

Western Wall. We’ve seen it on TV. Seeing it person brought me to tears. What a site! Praying there is surreal.

Yad Vashem. Reading about the holocaust in history books and experiencing the history in Yad Vashem are two entirely different experiences. Take time. Remember. Pray.

Gethsemane. The stories of the Bible come alive in Israel. None more than this beautiful garden.


The thrill of the discovery

You’re not going to believe our day. We spent much of the day in a cave near Rivka Kidron and focused specifically on where we believe there could be a stash of artifacts from the Rivka area. We started working in some areas that for a long time have been closed off to the public as it’s believed some of the earliest residents of Rivka lived in these areas, specifically near a set of caves.

I made one of the earlier discoveries in Rivka Kidron and it was cool today because I found a … Pot! I know that might seem trivial to you, but it is likely from between 100 and 150 CE and was almost 100% intact.

Rivka is going to be a treasure trove for the work we’re doing!

I wish you could be with me.

I wish you could see and experience what I’m seeing. I wish there was a way I could bring you here. Beyond just pictures. Into Rivka, Kidron. To see the discoveries. To understand Rivka the way I have to date. To experience the Kidron Valley. Rivka is amazing.

A trip to the Holy Land is such an experience. I recommend it for anyone.

Rivka, Kidron is this tiny little town that holds so much promise. So much history. So much to understand. So much to see. I wish you could join me.

The heat of the day

There’s times here where it can get really hot and uncomfortable. Living in a tent is not glamorous and not having the comforts of home is fairly awful at times. I know this is the life I chose and I know this is what I want to do, but those times do happen.

Then I see a this.


Israel is so beautiful.

I wouldn’t trade the Rivka dig for anything. This is an opportunity of a lifetime and I want to soak up every minute of it. Thanks for joining me on this journey.


Rivka, Kidron Valley

The town of Rivka is so beautiful. It’s located in the Kidron Valley, a few kilometers south of the Kedar settlement. Here’s some pictures from the area and from the trip up to Rivka.

Rivka is a cute little area with a lot of areas for us to explore. There’s at least two caves that we’ll be able to explore and dig a bit. The rules from the Israel Antiquities Authority are very specific and very demanding. Not in a bad way. We want the IAA to control access to dig sites so there isn’t damage. We’re so blessed to be able to be here.

In Rivka, Kidron, we’re hoping to find some early artifacts from its early days as a town. This area was used as a trading post in the Ottoman Empire and we’ve already seen the impact some have made that will make this a challenge. Looking forward to it.