Some of My Favorite Things in Israel

At times, it’s challenging being out of our country. Events happen, some very saddening and though I have people here to talk to, it’s just not the same being away from my family. Being in Rivka has been a tremendous blessing, but it can be hard.

However, there are times where it’s been just plain fun. Israel is a beautiful country and though we’ve worked really hard, we’ve had a blast doing some of the fun things around the country. I’m a bit adventurous at times, so I’ve climbed an unsteady rockface a time too many. We’ve seen rocky beaches, tasted great food, and seen sights that I will remember for the rest of my life. Here’s some of the best:

Sea of Galilee. Retrace the steps of Jesus as he called disciples to him. It’s a beautiful site and one worth taking time to see.

Western Wall. We’ve seen it on TV. Seeing it person brought me to tears. What a site! Praying there is surreal.

Yad Vashem. Reading about the holocaust in history books and experiencing the history in Yad Vashem are two entirely different experiences. Take time. Remember. Pray.

Gethsemane. The stories of the Bible come alive in Israel. None more than this beautiful garden.


The food here.

Our trip has been very good. I struggled at the beginning with a little jet lag, but am slowly recovering. One of the things that I totally looked forward to is the food. The food. THE FOOD! There is rarely a bad meal here.


Many of the meals we’ve eaten have been served “family style,” this is great as you get to try a lot of different foods. I’ve been to some Israeli restaurants at home, but honestly, nothing compares to the locally sourced ingredients we’ve experienced in meals in country. When we’re off at camp cooking for ourselves, I have dreams of the meals we’re eating in the city.

We’ve arrived in Israel!

Our team has arrived in Israel! We’re a little tired after 4 hours of delays on our trip, but we got up this morning and started a little tour of Jerusalem before we move on to Rivka, Kidron.

We’re soaking up living in the hotel for a day or two as we know tent living won’t be very glamorous. The IAA doesn’t want a big footprint for the dig, so we have to not bring too much with us to Rivka, Kidron. It is going to be SO AWESOME. I can’t believe I’m here. Ok, see you in a bit.