The thrill of the discovery

You’re not going to believe our day. We spent much of the day in a cave near Rivka Kidron and focused specifically on where we believe there could be a stash of artifacts from the Rivka area. We started working in some areas that for a long time have been closed off to the public as it’s believed some of the earliest residents of Rivka lived in these areas, specifically near a set of caves.

I made one of the earlier discoveries in Rivka Kidron and it was cool today because I found a … Pot! I know that might seem trivial to you, but it is likely from between 100 and 150 CE and was almost 100% intact.

Rivka is going to be a treasure trove for the work we’re doing!


The food here.

Our trip has been very good. I struggled at the beginning with a little jet lag, but am slowly recovering. One of the things that I totally looked forward to is the food. The food. THE FOOD! There is rarely a bad meal here.


Many of the meals we’ve eaten have been served “family style,” this is great as you get to try a lot of different foods. I’ve been to some Israeli restaurants at home, but honestly, nothing compares to the locally sourced ingredients we’ve experienced in meals in country. When we’re off at camp cooking for ourselves, I have dreams of the meals we’re eating in the city.

I wish you could be with me.

I wish you could see and experience what I’m seeing. I wish there was a way I could bring you here. Beyond just pictures. Into Rivka, Kidron. To see the discoveries. To understand Rivka the way I have to date. To experience the Kidron Valley. Rivka is amazing.

A trip to the Holy Land is such an experience. I recommend it for anyone.

Rivka, Kidron is this tiny little town that holds so much promise. So much history. So much to understand. So much to see. I wish you could join me.


It’s humbling to be a part of this archaeology project.


I don’t know where to begin.

We’ve begun to discovery some really cool artifacts. I’m not able to talk about them until they’ve been catalogued, but the things we’ve seen are just humbling.

It’s humbling to know I’m a part of history.

Finding Bible artifacts that will add just another little bit to our shared story. Our history.

This. Is. Awesome.

Kidron Valley

We’ve decided to take a break from Rivka and see Kidron. There are such amazing sites around here and we took a few days to travel from Rivka, Kidron, to the surrounding valley. I hope you enjoy these photos!

I know it’s almost cliched to say the photos don’t do Kidron justice, but seeing the history here has given me a profound understanding of my humanity and what God has done for us. Kidron Valley is a dichotomy of seeing the history of Israel and the conflict of today. The dig at Rivka Kidron, is going really well but seeing the bigger picture of what we’re doing here really pales.

The next couple of days we’re going to continue seeing the Kidron sites and then head back to Rivka. Wish me luck!