Rivka, Kidron Valley

The town of Rivka is so beautiful. It’s located in the Kidron Valley, a few kilometers south of the Kedar settlement. Here’s some pictures from the area and from the trip up to Rivka.

Rivka is a cute little area with a lot of areas for us to explore. There’s at least two caves that we’ll be able to explore and dig a bit. The rules from the Israel Antiquities Authority are very specific and very demanding. Not in a bad way. We want the IAA to control access to dig sites so there isn’t damage. We’re so blessed to be able to be here.

In Rivka, Kidron, we’re hoping to find some early artifacts from its early days as a town. This area was used as a trading post in the Ottoman Empire and we’ve already seen the impact some have made that will make this a challenge. Looking forward to it.


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